About Us


We believe that URtheICON is a lifestyle.

Our goal is to inspire and motivate you to be active and healthy while following your dreams. We want to empower you to feel strong, capable and confident. You can achieve so many amazing things and we want you to believe in yourself. You are unique! You are The Icon! If you are passionate about life, great friends, good food, if you are inspired by travel and have an adventurous spirit we will get along quite well.

We pride ourselves on quality and we want to offer you the clothes and accessories that will make you feel comfortable, stylish and motivated to be active. Our products are manufactured in USA and Europe. At the moment, you can find our items only in our online shop. We would like you to know that our products are not mass produced. Everything is printed on demand, which means that our items are created specifically for you.
We are excited about new ideas and creative opportunities that lie ahead, so hop on board and be a part of this amazing journey.
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Your support is always and truly appreciated.